While every great company
starts with a great idea,
not every great idea
leads to a great company.

Working Together

Manifest is a large group of security veterans who live and work in Austin. After you reach out and tell us a little about your company, we'll introduce you with a few of our mentors whose skillsets match your current business needs. In some cases, our mentors may act as cofounders, advisors, consultants, or just a sounding board to meet up with for coffee every few weeks.


Manifest mentors and staff engage with entrepreneurs on concepts that solve pressing cybersecurity concerns. Leaning on our experience and skills, we guide the team to focus on MVP, extreme customer engagement and rapid iteration on key features.

Customer Engagement

Manifest mentors and staff introduce entrepreneurs to releveant customers and partners early in the ideation phase and help to form lasting relationships through the development and early adoption phases

Product Evolution

Mentors advise on modern product development tools and efforts, allowing teams to sidestep common traps and pitfalls. The deep Manifest professional community provides access to key talent and advice, as the company grows.


Our experience tells us that properly managing the funding process, including the timing and levels, can easily make or break a young company. Our mentors have decades of experience in growing small companies and include many investors who can help to guide entrepreneurs through the many pitfalls.